With All Due Respect, a blog written by Moriah Freeman.  Please join me in this conversation about respect. We have much to learn from each other.  I hope my thoughts will stimulate yours. I expect that yours will challenge and broaden mine.

Links to Blog Posts in Chronological Order:

With All Due Respect – Introduction

Respect: Intentional

Respect: Accidental

The Anatomy of Respect

Respect: The Elderly and End of Life Care

Teenager in a Nursing Home

Nursing Homes: Money, Money, Money

Nursing Homes: The Caregivers

Nursing Homes: Food and Feeding

Dignity and Respect

More Reflections on Dignity and Respect

Nursing Homes: Clothing and Incontinence

Nursing Homes:  The Proposed Budget’s Medicaid Cuts

The Wrap on Nursing Homes, Care for the Elderly and Respect

Bicyclists and Respect

Dog Ownership and Respect

Motorcyclists and Respect

Respecting those who serve you – through the lens of the Executive Assistant

Insight and the Executive Assistant

Behind the Scenes: Respecting those who serve you

Executive Assistants and Respect: Anticipation or Prescience

The Executive Assistant:  Discretion/Confidentiality

Stress, Equanimity and a Sense of Humor

Disrespect and Humility


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